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RenFest Sick!Wilson Art Part 2
Below the cut are a whole bunch of icons and a mannip I made for RenFest over at Sick!Wilson.

1. Here is a photo of RSL from "My Best Friend is a Vampire," that I made into a court jesture. He looks very frightened too.
2. icon1This one is from Season Eight. I think it doesn't need explaination.

3. icon6this is one of Wilson following a dare that is causing digestive issues. In case you can't read the text it says, 'How am I going to explain 6 goldfish in my stomach?"

4. icon2WIlson is horrified to learn that his crown was not a prize in a trivia contest but the renaissance faire version of Mardi Gras beads.

5. icon4 Wilson going under anesthesia before surgery.

6. icon7Another one with text. It says "I can't believe I started a fire with quoits. It is a renaissance faire game similar to horseshoes but with rings (quoits).

7. icon5Wilson's nose is bleeding. A screenshot fom season 2 but it could be from another medical issue.

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I like number 2 with the ngoldfish. My guess is House is somehow behind the goldfish that are in Wilson's stomach. lol.

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