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A Leg to Stand on Chapter Four
Title: A Leg to Stand on Chapter Four of Four
Summary: House and Wilson come to terms with House losing his leg. Takes place at the end of season seven in an alternate universe.
Rating: PG 13 for sexual innuendo, discussion of drug use, and mild swearing. No actual sex but a bit of talk about it.
Warnings: same as previous chapters plus it is definitely slash/romantic now.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

“Look out!” I cried, watching as Greg’s wheelchair careened through the hospital hallway. He braced for impact. House crashed into a display of plastic candy canes, reindeer, and a giant menorah. Princeton Plainsboro had put up an absurd holiday display this year. You can’t blame us for destroying it over and over.

“Oh my god!” a blonde,20-something exclaimed, rushing to his side. From Greg’s position he could see straight down her shirt. Lucky bastard, I thought. Having heard the commotion, Cuddy raced out of her office.

“Why is there so much screaming and crashing in my hospital?” she shouted. Lisa’s face was red and pinched. Her lips drawn into a scowl. A little over a year had passed since House’s surgery. In this time, House and Cuddy had somewhat managed to work out their differences. They did this by ignoring each other until enough time had passed to make them forget most of their nine months together.

“It’s winter. People are tracking in snow, which melts and makes it slippery,” I lied. “You’re lucky he didn’t get hurt. A disabled doctor’s wheelchair skidded on a wet floor, in the hospital and he broke his arm, imagine the lawsuit.”

“He never seems to slip while taking rolling down the stairs,” she called my bluff. “Or when he’s racing with you.”

“The stairs are always dry. No patients in there.” It was true but also another lie. House and I had “invented” this game: wheelchair bowling. We took turns launching him into things and kept score based on what we made him knock down.

“So you didn’t throw him into the lobby?” my boss demanded. House and the blonde woman were still talking. The girl had her hands on his face now. He whispered something into her ear. The blonde woman screamed, and slapped him.

“Are you okay?” I asked when House joined us. I bent over and pretended to check him for injuries. “I told her you skidded on melted snow,” I whispered.

“I can’t have you crashing into things,” Lisa continued. If you crashed into a patient, we'd be liable.” House sighed. “One more accident and I’ll assign Nurse Jeffery to be your personal driver.”

“Sounds like more of a punishment for him than for me.” She walked towards the clinic and we headed for my office. “Oh well. At least I win.”

“You didn’t win! Yeah, you've got 178 and I have 160 but I just got a strike. That’s 170 plus my next two rolls.” Looking down, I noticed my hands had fallen to my hips. I was smiling at him too though.

“You always choke in the tenth frame,” he replied without missing a beat. :How many more patients until we can leave?”

“Actually, I’m ready to go home. In fact, I’m ready to leave. My suitcase is all packed. Twenty bucks says you haven’t started.”

“Because ’m not sure we should go on this trip.” His anxiety didn’t surprise me. House freaked out over any change in his life or routine. I was surprised it didn’t happen sooner. We’d been planning the wedding and honeymoon for three months.

“I knew you’d come down with cold feet,” I exclaimed. Greg sighed. I had been saving this joke ever since I had proposed. “Cold foot?” He grimaced. “Oh come on. I thought it was funny.”

“I know,” he told me in a quiet voice. I gave him a quick hug. “And it’s not cold feet. Really. I have zero doubts about marrying a guy with three divorces under his belt.”

“I know my marriages ended badly. I know I lied and cheated and there was a lot of pain and misery. I can’t tell you everything will be sunsets and roses and breaking into song at random moments in our lives. I can tell you I love you. I’ll tell you every day. A thousand times a day.”

“I told you, that’s not what I’m worried about,” he replied. House was lying. What else is new? If there was another concern, he’d have mentioned it before talking about my divorces.

“Oh? Then why are you trying to cancel our trip?” I pulled a chair up to his, taking his hands in mine. “You know everything about me. But you are way smarter than me. I can’t figure things out just by looking at you.” I’d said this in the funniest way possible to make him laugh.

“I don’t wanna go on the plane. Plus…we can’t do any of the stuff we used to do. Hiking, camping …I dunno what else. I realize I’m being stupid. I know there’s plenty we can do. I just don’t want the hassle. I really don’t want the pat down from a sweaty TSA agent. Hawaii was a terrible idea for a honeymoon destination.”

“You picked Hawaii! I warned you about all this crap when we made our plans. I gave you a dozen places to choose from. I told you we could go to the Shore, or drive to another state. You said you wanted this!”

“All the other choices sounded boring,” he told me, tapping his forehead with his thumb.

“If I thought you were really worried about any of this, I would cancel the trip in a heartbeat. But you’re lying to me. So you might as well tell me what you’re really worried about. Seriously. We are getting married tonight and flying out tomorrow. It’s happening. And for the record, I love you.”

“Okay,” he sad with an annoyed grunt. House sighed. “Lots of people love each other. Cuddy said she loved me. Then, she didn’t. You had the same thing happen with all your exes. It happened with Stacy too.”

“See I knew you weren’t worried about the flight!” He always made such a fuss when he hand an epiphany related to me. I couldn’t help doing the same. “Also, you’re wrong about my divorces. I still love my wives. I’ll always love them, and I’ll always love you. Do you know why my marriages failed?”

“Because you cheat when you get bored,” House replied.

“Well, you don’t have to worry then. I can’t remember ever feeling bored with you. You are infinitely more fun than all three of my exes put together. “

“You’re coming dangerously close to saying you’ve been in love with me this entire time. You weren’t. If you try and argue otherwise, I’ll punch you in the face.” I sniggered.

“I don’t know when my feelings for you went from friendship to romantic love but you’re still wrong. I didn’t want to divorce any of them. The reason my marriages failed because we both stopped trying when we ran into trouble. When life got too difficult. My relationship with you has been nothing but difficult since the night we met. You got me arrested—more than once! You are nothing but trouble but we both keep working at it. I think that is the key to a successful marriage.”

“You think, but you don’t know. Not for sure. You can’t know anything about the future! That’s the problem, Jimmy. I hate this uncertainty. I don’t want to leave my future in god’s hands. I don’t want to wait and hope for the best.” I thought about this for a moment.

“Okay. Don’t put it in God’s hands. You can trust me. Have faith in us. You can trust me and if you have a problem, or pain, or whatever, you come to me. I’ll do the same.”

“But what if…?”

“No. You can’t obsess about the what ifs. What if there’s a bomb on our plane? What if you get shot by another patient? Or someone else? What if one of us gets cancer? What if you end up in prison? Sure, divorce is a more realistic possibility, but look at the crazy situations you and I have already encountered” He nodded, deep in silent thought. "Anything might happen, and there we are powerless to stop it until the time comes.” House considered my words. “We good?”

“I dunno,” he confessed in his tiny voice.

“Let’s go home and pack so we can hit the courthouse early. Then, we can have time for a nice dinner. Are you looking forward to the wedding at all? Crazy honeymoon sex, cake, champagne, any of it?”

“If I say yes will you pack my suitcase for me?” he asked with a hopeful glint in his eyes. House rubbed his stump.

“If I said you were already packed, can we make love in my office?” I asked, leaning over his body to hug and kiss him again.

“I’ll let you do me but you can’t call it making love. I refuse to marry someone who calls sex love making. It’s stupid.”

“You’re stupid,” I exclaimed, mussing up his hair. He laughed, pulling me into his lap. Five hours later we were married. Twelve hours after the ceremony ended, we were on a plane bound for Hawaii. We were on the beach by 2:00 pm (local time). This time it did work out. No, we didn’t live happily ever after or anything stupid like that. Our lives were far from perfect. We were happy enough though.


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