A Leg to Stand on Chapter Four
Title: A Leg to Stand on Chapter Four of Four
Summary: House and Wilson come to terms with House losing his leg. Takes place at the end of season seven in an alternate universe.
Rating: PG 13 for sexual innuendo, discussion of drug use, and mild swearing. No actual sex but a bit of talk about it.
Warnings: same as previous chapters plus it is definitely slash/romantic now.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Avengers Drawing (I finally finished)
Below the cut are several pictures I took as I was drawing a picture of the Avengers as chibis. I included some explination of what changes I made along the way.

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Bombshell Chapter One
Title: Bombshell
Summary: an alternate universe in which House is the one who gets sick in the season 7 episode Bombshells, and Cuddy can't handle things. In this story, he's actually quite sick, unlike in the episode where Cuddy was basically fine at the end of the episode. Here Wilson is left to deal with his own feelings, House's illness, and House's emotional state as the couple break up and House is diagnosed with kidney disease. I'm planning to include dream sequences, and House even may require a kidney transplant (from the obvious donor)
Characters: currently House, Wilson, and Cuddy
Rating: PG because there are references to sex, some swearing, and there will be mild violence later on.
Warnings: Alternate universe, mildly out of character for House, and I apologize for any typos/spelling errors in this chapter but I had it saved in a strange version of MS word and could not do a real spellcheck. The next one will be in my current version so I will be fine. Like I said earlier, there is mild language, and vulgarity but nothing too serious.

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The Birdman of Princeton Plainsborror Chapter One
Title: The Birdman of Princeton Plainsborro Chapter One
Author: MnstrTruckSlash
Words: around 725
Rating: I suppose G, there’s nothing graphic or disturbing in any way about this story. It’s mostly just silly.
Summary:  Wilson awakes to discover something strange has happened to House and the same thing is soon happening to him.
Warnings: Fairly out of character because it’s a bizarre situation and an absolute alternate universe. No swearing or violence, or no sex, etc.
Characters: Wilson and sort of House
Prompt: for Ren!Fest Banner Challenge

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RenFest Sick!Wilson Art Part 2
Below the cut are a whole bunch of icons and a mannip I made for RenFest over at Sick!Wilson.
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Creature of the Night
Title: Creature of the Night
Summary: House and Wilson discuss a video House made of Wilson in an unusual state. I wanted to write a drabble entirely in dialogue. Not a script, but a story moved by multiple sets of speech instead of actions, and/or narrative description, etc. It should be obvious but to keep things clear, the Wilson lines are in brown and the House ones are in blue. This is for the Were(Wilson)wolves of New Jersey prompt and is based on the picture I included under the cut.
Rating: Rated G because there’s no sex swearing, no violence, no drugs, etc.
Characters: House and Wilson only
Words: exactly 100!!

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RenFest Sick!Wilson Art
I spent the whole day working on RenFest Sick!Wilson art projects. Most of them are Bitstrips pieces. So I provided links for that. I also did a macro and an icon.

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The Sun
Title: The Sun
Author: MnstrTruckSlash
Rating: rated PG because some parts are a bit intense but otherwise it’s pretty safe. No real violence, no swearing, etc.
Summary: A poem based on the thoughts going through Wilson’s mind as he watched the burning heroin den in the season eight finale. Plus, it has a happy-ish ending. Written for Sick!Wilson Renaissance Festival.
Warnings: A bit OOC, spoilers for season 8 and “Everybody Dies,” a bit of swearing, and the intensity of the fire/House’s “death.”
Characters: House, Wilson, and Foreman
Prompt: For the Fortune Teller’s Challenge. My tarot card was “The Sun.”
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Freestyle Bingo for Camp Sick!Wilson
Title: Once NOT Bitten, Still Twice Shy
Author: MnstrTruckSlash
Characters: Wilson, House, and Sarah the cat
Rating: G, maybe PG because it mentions Wilson being naked but doesn't describe it.
Warnings: Takes place around the end of season seven no official spoilers but it works better if you've seen all those episodes. There's a hint of slash because House and Wilson are living together again but that wasn't actually my original intention. I just figured they were both alone now, so why not support the friendship. It's VERY short so there's no time for OOC, it's not really an alternate universe, or anything else that needs worrying about.
Spoilers: Nothing I can think of
Summary: Wilson develops an infection from an unexpected source and things go terribly wrong from there.
Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever gotten copyright for these characters, the show, and I am writing this story without the expressed permission of Fox TV, Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, David Shore, Bad Hat Harry Productions, etc.
Words: 111 (I tried to get it under 100 but this is the best I can do)
Prompt: Freestyle Bingo

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